Friday, 24 May 2013

Colour - Pink

Pink is not my favourite colour but today, it seems,  has a pink theme. My garden is full of gorgeous pinkness.......

 ....and walking my smallest to school we found the Wills and Burke monument covered in pinkness reminiscent of Christo.
 .....and my lovely and beautiful and talented friends Bethan Matthews and Paula Cloonan are part of Totnes and Dartington Open Studios this weekend.
©Bethan Matthews

Thursday, 16 May 2013

How to make a Monster's Party

 1. If your smallest son is 6 years old and wants a Monster's Party..... let him design his costume!

2.  Make his costume with some poetic licence, following the plan as best as you can.  Apparently spray in red hair dye is necessary!

3. Games need creating. Try including a monster target game with a big piece of cardboard and some poster paint. Fill old socks with sand to throw at the target holes.....scoring is not compulsory!

 4. Take new clean paper potato sacks. Cut a face hole and two arm holes in each sack, then let the party guests draw and paint their own monster costumes.  Leave to dry in the green house if rain is threatening!

 5. Once dry small people can wear them and take them home as a 'party bag.'

6. And don't forget the party food. How about monster cupcakes?

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Campervan Buttons?

I have just had a lovely surprise package arrive through my letter box from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. This is a gorgeous ceramic button hand made by Skye from Button It. She got in touch a while ago and asked if she could use my little campervan toy design, (from my cut and sew fabric)on her buttons, and this is the result. So cute and so clever! You can buy them (or any of her other pretty buttons) from her facebook page.

I love the little coincidences that life throws at you. The project I am working on at present has many buttons as a theme all the way through!