Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Gulls Skirt

Gulls Skirt! I know it's a cheesey name but I couldn't resist it.

This is a design for a yard of fabric with a cut and sew skirt for a girl of six to eight years. I have to proof it, but hopefully, in the near future you will be able to buy to make up yourself, for a little girl who likes swishy circle skirts. I couldn't resist adding the contrasting stripey background as I wanted the yard of fabric to be pretty in its own right, now I'm wondering if I should produce the background as a stripey fabric part of the nautical collection I am creating.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Alfred's Fabric Design

Alfred's Happy People fabric design
There is a competition on the Spoonflower fabric site for children under 12 years so I've entered my 3 year olds design.

He drew his happy people. I scanned them. He chose his pallet then using a tablet and pen 'coloured everything in'. I helped with the layers in photoshop but basically its all his work.

I am amazed how children as young as my smallest is has no fear or inhibitions when it comes to computers and technology.

To check out the repeat design look on                       

Monday, 20 June 2011

Illustration Friday - Launch

I have to admit that this illustration is years old but it seemed to fit with this weeks Illustration Friday word, launch.
I was having a nostalgic look at old college work and I found this, it was for a children's book about a small boy who launched his boat in his bath, sailed through stormy waters and was ship wrecked on his flannel. There was a happy ending to do with warm fluffy towels and big hugs I seem to remember.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

There is method in my madness

The next step in the Campervan creation
3D Campervan mock up - Side view

3D Campervan mock up - Top view
It might look bonkers but I have made this small 3D campervan using the side drawing as a starting point. I cut a long strip to form a continual loop to connect the sides and form the front, back, top and bottom of the 'vehicle'. These are carefully stitched together and stuffed. I then mark where the stitching is with pen and a few features that need to relate to other pieces.
(I couldn't resist the requisit surf board in the roof!)
Now I am going to, after all that,  unstuff it and take all the stitches out and I will be left with a flat pattern exactly the size and shape I need.
I am sure there are other ways to do this but this suits the way I work. If that means I am bonkers so be it.

Monday, 13 June 2011


This is the beginning of my latest soft toy project. Having been so pleased with the fabric for the dolls I want to create something for the boys (although I think the girls will love this too)! I hope, like the dolls, to have four designs on a yard. A campervan, a London bus, an old style mini and a tractor. Each vehicle will be a lovely squishy cushion with pockets down the sides for the drivers, passengers and in one case a dog. This is the starting point for the campervan. From here I have to make a paper pattern, transfer it to fabric and make it up. I will keep you posted on how it progresses, including all the ups and downs.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

fishy fabric

I wanted to use my fish drawings for this weeks Spoonflower contest as the subject was 'fishing'. I wanted something vibrant and something with a retro look as well. Hopefully I have achieved my aim. What do you think?

Results out and managed a respectable 51st place!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fabric samples arrive

Rag Dolls on Linen Cotton Canvas

Rainbow rag book double page spread

Beautiful silk crepe de chine with Hydrandea print in black and white
Fat Quarter of the linen cotton canvas with the rainbow rag book
My samples arrived from Spoonflower today. I love the quality of the fabrics, both the linen-cotton canvas and the silk crepe de chine. My illustrations have printed up well and the colours are really vibrant, much more so than in the photos. Lovely! Reckon I've got some sewing to do now to make sure that everything is as intended.