Thursday, 22 October 2015

Stew Pot Tea Towel Calender 2016

It's that time of year when I show you my tea towel calendar.

This one is for 2016. The design uses a linocut of a still life. It depicts the classic winter veggies for a lovely warming stew and my favourite stew pot. The orange gives a retro 70's feel inspired by my own colourful orange kitchen. 

You can buy it in my Spoonflower Shop on their beautiful Linen-Cotton canvas. It fits a fat quarter or buy a yard and have four tea towels. All you need to do is simply hem the fabric and voila a funky tea towel for yourself or maybe a Christmas present!

Snoozebot Robot

My finished 'Snoozebot' Robot Quilt!

This design is much more of a classic quilt design, emulating patchwork. It's more of a 'cheater quilt' (a clunky name for a lovely way of making quilts!) than some of my other designs.

You can buy the design from my here in my Spoonflower Shop and make your own.

It's very simple to make and quite relaxing and addictive and the loveliest present.

 Basically you are making a fabric sandwich with something like wadding as the middle bit to add the warmth. Once you have your Snoozebot fabric you will need a backing fabric and wadding. Pin them all together, I find saftey pins are great for this then just start sewing. You decide how much or how little you want to sew, where you sew in relation to the design and whether by hand or on your sewing machine.

Watch this space I have another one on the go that I will show you soon!