Wednesday, 15 June 2011

There is method in my madness

The next step in the Campervan creation
3D Campervan mock up - Side view

3D Campervan mock up - Top view
It might look bonkers but I have made this small 3D campervan using the side drawing as a starting point. I cut a long strip to form a continual loop to connect the sides and form the front, back, top and bottom of the 'vehicle'. These are carefully stitched together and stuffed. I then mark where the stitching is with pen and a few features that need to relate to other pieces.
(I couldn't resist the requisit surf board in the roof!)
Now I am going to, after all that,  unstuff it and take all the stitches out and I will be left with a flat pattern exactly the size and shape I need.
I am sure there are other ways to do this but this suits the way I work. If that means I am bonkers so be it.

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