Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wishing You a Peaceful 2012

Here is another design I can show you now the festivities are over.
My lovely man is mildly eccentric and when moving house I found this weirdly gorgeous photo of him.  It must have been taken around the late 80's when he decided to cycle around Devon, an extremely beautiful and very hilly county here in the UK, on an old Raleigh Chopper bike (an impractical but iconic bicycle from the 70's). All his kit was wrapped in plastic and strapped to the front and rear of the bike adding I don't know how much weight; with inefficient gears and wheels he couldn't have chosen a more ridiculous mode of transport if he tried, yet he obviously had a brilliant trip as I am forever hearing 'Oh I remember when I cycled up this hill on my Raleigh Chopper....'
So I decided to use the photo as the starting point for his Christmas present. I scanned and tweaked the photo and added a border, keeping it all monotone to suit the image, had the design printed up on fabric and made him a cushion of memories!  I  think he likes it.

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