Tuesday, 7 February 2012

They Draw and Cook

A while ago I drew a little something for Illustration Friday (the word was Prepare). I based the idea on an old family recipe for marmalade. I was in the middle of making some myself; well breakfast in our house isn't complete without some homemade marmalade on toast and a cup of tea!

Sarah Melling left a lovely comment suggesting I should submit the illustration to They Draw and Cook. I have been meaning to do something for this brilliant illustration and recipe blog for a while, it was a good reminder (Thank you Sarah), so I did a bit of a re-jig and you can now find it here.


  1. Well done! (And thank you for the kind mention as well!

  2. We're super happy you submitted this recipe Wendy! Thanks (and thanks Sarah Melling for giving Wendy the nudge!)