Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Pirate Party Invitations For You

I have just been making my soon to be 5 year old's birthday party invitations. This year his chosen theme is, you've guessed it, pirates. Some how we have to build a pirate's galleon in the garden (I think it will take the form of some rope placed in a pirate ship shape and some poles strapped together with sheets for the mast and sails) and a Pirate Ship cake is requested along with a treasure hunt for pirate treasure!

Anyway, I thought I would tweak the party invitation so that if, randomly, you are also having a pirate party and need some invitations all you have to do is download this jpg and print it out!

Alternatively, if you decide you are having a party with a different theme and want some personalised invitations why not get in touch and we could have some fun coming up with your very own design.

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