Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Challenge

Spoonflower's contest this week was for a 'Retro Kitchen' fabric design but with a restricted palette. I liked the theme and the restricted palette turned it into an interesting challenge as I would not usually choose these colours. 

With very little time I chose a motif I have used before, one of my linocut prints. I re coloured and used a block based background hopefully creating a 70's feel. I found the pink almost impossible to include without it looking forced so I omitted it from the main fabric, but I did create a complimentary abstract design that included it.

This is the palette required for the contest plus white . 

I have to admit I am not completely convinced by my design, it seems a little stilted to me. What do you think. If you like it enough you could vote for it here. (voting starts Thursday 10th May for a week) I recommend you have a look anyway as it is always fascinating to see what other amazingly talented people have come up with and it's fun voting for all the ones you like. You have more than one vote!

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