Saturday, 25 August 2012

Social Fabric in town

A new shop and workshop has opened in Totnes, my home town, in Devon U.K. called Social Fabric.

Caroline the owner says 'Come and master the age-old arts of knitting, sewing and crochet, but in a very 21st century way. This isn't school, it's going to be fun and fabulous!'

I reckon it's going to be a vibrant fun place for those who like to create stuff! I want to go to the lampshade workshop and learn to make lampshades using my own fabric designs (something I have always wanted to do) for my hallway in my home.

Plus, Caroline is selling some gorgeous yarns and some fun sewing and embroidery kits and inspiring craft books.
And I am so pleased that Social Fabric will be stocking my Campervan cut and sew soft toy fabric.

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