Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Softest Loveliest Fabric for Toys ..... Ever!

It's that time of year when I am frantically making. Everything from pompom garlands through advent stars to mince pies. In the midst of all this frantic festive creativity I am making a few presents for some of my smaller and newer relatives. Those small beings are getting these soft squishy dolls, my designs (I call them Spotty Dolls, these are 18cm tall but are also available 40cm tall and more like a cushion.) and from my Spoonflower shop and oh my are they soft!

I would love you to feel this fabric as I don't think I can quite explain how tactile and lusciously soft it is. When it arrived in the post the other day and I showed it to various family and friends their instant reaction was to stroke it while oooohing and arrrrrhing and gently rubbing their cheek on it.

What am I talking about? The new farbic from Spoonflower called Minky! I ordered my dolls on it out of curiosity and Oh my! It's lovely. The colours are crisp and bright and, importantly for babies, it is beautifully soft. There is a slight furry texture or knap to it and just a little jersey style stretch. As it is so soft and floppy it is slightly more fiddly to make than when using the linen cotton canvas, but nothing some tacking doesn't overcome.

I love it. My next Campervan and the Surfies will be ordered on Minky. I think it's the loveliest fabric for babies toys.

Am I going on a bit about this lovely soft fabric called Minky?

O.K. I'll stop.

But just to remind you here is my Campervan and Surfies, but on the usual lovely but not so soft Linen Cotton Canvas from Spoonflower.

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