Thursday, 28 April 2011

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Spotty Dolls 26/04/2011
I'm over the moon with how my doll fabric has turned out. It is designed as 4 dolls each on a fat quarter of the Linen-Cotton Canvas at The next step is to order the samples, double check the colours, line and make up, then it can go on sale.
I will also be selling completed dolls in my online shop. (yet to be built and another thing to do on my ever lengthening 'to do' list!).
With the spotty background I have tried to make this a fabric in its own right for such things as curtains in a childs' bedroom for example. Have I succeeded? Would love to know your opinion.
Well, I am so pleased with how the Rag doll t shirts have printed. It was really a side line to the actual dolls I am working on for Spoonflower which will be four separate dolls (Arthur, Alfred, Nellie and Lencie), laid out on a yard of linen-cotton canvas ready for you to cut out and make. You will also be able to buy the dolls individually made-up.

But that is in the future, at the moment I am finalizing the layout ready to sending off to be proofed. This is the bit that addles my brain as I try to work out the resolution to fill the actual size of the fabric, with each doll filling a fat quarter.
Just also wanted to show you two other t shirts I had printed at the same time for two of my nephews. The Polar bear is a linocut print I made last year and finally had it printed on a t shirt; Scooter Boy I drew specifically for my scooter boy nephew.

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