Sunday, 1 May 2011

Dean Rag Book Co. London

I found this little rag book in a charity shop. It's so sweet and has inspired my latest project for Spoonflower.

Deans Rag Book Co was set up in the 1900's producing these little babies books, it expanded into producing a range of soft toys including dolls and their clothes and teddy bears. They were printed onto a length of fabric ready for you to cut out and sew.

I am hoping to design four rag books so you can buy 1 yard with the four to make up, but for now I have loaded Rainbow Rag onto Spoonflower. It was smallest son who inspired the rainbow theme for the design. He has devised his own names for colours, such as 'daddy chocolate', you and I would call this brown. I have had to make the colours names less obscure though, as it would defeat the objective of introducing colours to small people.

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