Monday, 9 May 2011

A fourth birthday party with dragons and castles and chocolate castle cake.

I haven't been doing much work in the studio over the last few days as I had the task of organising a birthday party for smallest son, A, who was 4 years old yesterday. This involved making 10 castles out of cardboard boxes,

a large dragon painting for pin the tail on the dragon and a very sticky chocolate castle cake.

So yesterday the fun started with the arrival of 8 small four year old knights and a couple of princesses in my very small house, luckily the sun was shining and outside was the best location for chasing big brother A and his 'cool' friends, some games, lots of party food and the hysterical scene of catch the dragon (Daddy E dressed as a dragon being chased by numerous sword wielding small people). Even big people were invited and I was given these flowers from B's garden.

A beautiful day full of fun. 'The best day ever' one small said, I reckon that's the biggest complement possible.

 Back to work today in the studio with B, not sure either of us has achieved a huge amount, but we've made lists! And I've decided to name my Etsy shop 'Woodle Doo', now I just need to fill the shop with all my luscious creations for you to peruse and buy.

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