Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cucumber Pickle

This time of year is wonderful with it's abundance of fruit and veg. My lovely man is a farmer on an organic vegetable farm. 
It's called Riverford Farm, and is a pioneer in supplying boxes of fresh organic vegetables direct to your door. Some vegetables are too ripe or imperfect in some way for the boxes, so lovely man brings some home for us. 
This week I have found myself making plum jam, green tomato chutney and cucumber pickle. It's like potting some summer for those winter blues, and delicious!

 For cucumber pickle thinly chop your cucumber and onions.
 Sprinkle with salt cover with a plate and leave overnight.
 Distilled malt vinegar, sugar, mustard seeds , tumeric and cloves are warmed and added to the cucumber  and onions and fill your jars. 

There you have it. Summer in a jar.
This recipe is from The Riverford Farm Cook Book a brilliant recipe book that complements the organic veggie boxes from Riverford Farm. But you can also find the recipe online.

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