Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Kinetic Art

I'm still packing the contents of our house ready to move for, as yet, an indeterminate date and trying not to stress about it! 
As a distraction, whilst packing, I thought I would show you a few little kinetic sculptures we have collected over the years.
Turn the little handle and the fish flows from side to side in a swimming motion. By Dave Walker.

The fisherman is finely balanced. One touch and he rocks back and forth enticing the fish with the bait on his line. 


 This is one of a number of amazing birthday cards that the kids are sent by their Granny. 
Touch to card to rock it and everything moves. Amazing engineering in a card. 
Find them at

 Turn the handle and the wooden waves undulate and the ship rocks. Sorry, I can't remember the artists name, (I will find out and add it later,) but I do know it came from Rye Art Gallery.

This one is called Evolutionary Blunders by Neil Hardy. 
It says 'before developing fangs and branching out into movies the Vampire Bat had a hard time scaring anybody.' This one is amazing as you can see the engineering as you turn the handle and you have the humour of the bat sticking it's tongue out.

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