Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Big Draw

The Big Draw is a nationwide event held every October in the UK with the aim to get people drawing. Here in Totnes The Big Draw and Transition Town Totnes got together and using recycled cardboard, black and white paint and chalk and charcoal posed the question 'how do you see the future?'
It was a gorgeous sunny autumn day, we were in a part of town called The Rotherfold and anyone who felt so inclined could stop by and draw their idea of the future. With the Transition Town idea of life without oil and the quote 'take a line for a walk - into the future' as a starting point, drawings and paintings appeared. Ideas could be as fanciful, bleak or as optimistic as desired.
So we saw many beautifully imagined ideas including robots, water wheels, windmills, cycle powered planes and buzzy bees. It was great fun and brilliant to see passers by, big and small,  stopping and joining in. I particularly loved the pictures created by the kids. Loads of fun!

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