Tuesday, 25 October 2011


 Boxes and boxes and boxes!
 Flat pack shelving to be assembled.
 Vats and vats of white paint.
 The kids and their cousins desperate to help, started to paint my new studio. (It was a much better space for them to spatter paint everywhere than letting them loose in the house.) And much fun was had by all!
Edward must have snuck in to the studio to have his say!

YAY!!!! We have moved across the river!
Much unpacking has been achieved, but now the big project starts, dragging this funny 1950's home out of it's 80's decor into the 21st Century and taming the amazing garden into a productive and beautiful space, but I am so excited it doesn't seem a problem. Not much illustration will be done this week as we are trying to get both boys bedrooms painted before they return to school after half term.

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